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Tokyo 2003
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The ‘Combi Brake’ system operates both front and rear brakes proportionally when the brake pedal is depressed on motorcycles or when the brake lever is operated on a scooter, allowing almost anyone to stop with confidence. This system is featured on a variety of Honda models from supersport bikes to commuters. When ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) is combined with Combi Brake, we call it ‘Combined ABS.’ All of these systems make riding more enjoyable by increasing rider confidence.
Riding Simulator
AVS‘ÌŒ± Riding Simulator
The ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle) is a project proposed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to develop advanced safety vehicles for the future. Honda is developing a system which uses radio communication technology to inform / warn drivers and riders of the distance between vehicles. For example, the ASV riding simulator has a function where the system warns them if their vehicle is turning right and another vehicle is in its path or another vehicle is approaching rapidly. Riding Trainer
Riding Trainer
Honda's corporate philosophy centers around a respect for human beings. To help promote safe riding we have developed a Riding Trainer that is used mainly at dealers. Its simple construction uses an operating system connected to a personal computer to simulate actual riding. In addition to teaching clutch operation, shifting and braking, the Riding Trainer can reproduce various riding situations to help riders improve their defensive riding skills.
Ecoloy Safety Security
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