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CLEAN4FIFI (Fuel Injection) uses electronic control technology to supply the engine with the ideal air / fuel mixture at all times. It also reduces exhaust emissions and improves fuel economy. Honda has been developing environmentally friendly technologies for more than 20 years. By equipping the Dio Z4 FI with the world's first PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) for 50cc 4-stroke scooters, and by equipping it with a 4-valve cylinder head, ride quality and fuel economy have been significantly improved. Targets in making the system compact were achieved by simplifying its construction. Honda continues to expand the application of fuel injection on everything from our large-displacement motorcycles to commuter machines.
‘Clean 4’is a special feature found on almost all Honda 4-stroke engines. Compared with 2-strokes, the Clean 4 engines are not only more fuel efficient, white smoke is eliminated from their exhaust gas and durability is increased. The ‘Idle Stop System’ shuts off the engine 3 seconds after the vehicle comes to a stop. Then, when the throttle is opened again the engine automatically starts. This is merely one example of the many technologies Honda is working on to improve the economy and environmental friendliness of our machines.
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