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Thinking Freely

Liberating Technology

To be free to go anywhere, anytime; to be in control of your own machine.
It's what we've always wanted.
No matter how times change. No matter what new form cars may take.
First the hybrid, and then the fuel cell vehicle. Now, as ever,
Honda is looking beyond convention, reaching out to
realize our unlimited potential to innovate,
to create cars that will bring more freedom and more pleasure to more people.
We want to create values only Honda can create, and share them more widely.
Our challenge is to break the mold of common sense.
We value free thinking and an approach to technology that is free of pre-conception.
These values empower us to create new value.
Today, we are proud to share with you our vision of the future of the automobile,
starting with the new Odyssey.
And sharing the stage with the new Odyssey at this Tokyo Motor Show:
ASM, a hybrid eight-seat saloon minivan,
HSC, a pure sports car, inheritor of the Honda sports DNA,
IMAS, a lightweight, new-generation hybrid sports car,
And KIWAMI, a luxury sedan that blends fuel cell technology with traditional Japanese concepts of beauty.
Do join us at the Honda display and see what free thinking
and liberating technology can create.
Meet the new Odyssey, first of a new world of Honda automobiles..


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