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Honda Dealerships
To become a dealership trustedand patronized by local customers

At Honda we put tremendous effort into establishing
dealerships that are trusted by our customers. Training is a
fundamental goal. Honda issues a certificate to dealerships that
meet our own high standards in the areas of environment,
safety, and corporate citizenship. We seek to establish
dealerships that contribute significantly to local society.

'Green Dealerships'
Honda green dealerships work to improve environmental efficiency
at sales and service premises by minimizing waste and conserving energy and resources. Honda Green dealerships aim to bring enjoyment
to both customers and the local community,
as well as contribute to protection of the environment.
'Rainbow Dealerships'
Rainbow dealers propose a safe and comfortable
motoring life for customers through advice and safe driving seminars.
These dealerships aim to contribute to the realization of a society with minimal traffic accidents.
'Orange Dealerships'
Honda Orange dealers make preparations for
welfare vehicle test drives, and set up barrier-free sales premises that can be safely visited by elderly and physically impaired customers. These dealerships are dedicated to building customer-friendly sales premises.


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