THE 36th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW Honda 2002
  Honda's commitment to safety concern continues into the 21st century  

G-FORCE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY LOGO Every life is precious. And that is why Honda is totally committed to safety for all - drivers, passengers, as well as pedestrians. We begin by collecting and analyzing data from actual traffic accidents. We then faithfully reproduce these accidents in our testing labs to collect even more extensive and accurate data, allowing us to advance effective technologies such as our G-FORCE Control Technology for reducing G forces on people in accidents, with the goal of reducing the severity of injuries.

More Advanced Crash-Safety Performance
car-to-car crash test
At Honda, we conduct safety tests that include the recreation of real-world accident conditions that cannot be duplicated by fixed barrier crash tests. We even run test crashes between vehicles of different weights. The analysis of statistics gathered during such tests helps us set our own research targets for crash safety. We are pro-actively involved in car-to-car collision testing.
Further advancing pedestrian protection technologies
The second generation pedestrian dummyWith the considerable diversification in automobile styles these days, the parts of cars that cause and increase injury and deaths in accidents are changing. Faced with these conditions, Honda developed its 2nd generation pedestrian crash test dummy with a construction that more closely resembles the human form, and which incorporates more extensive data measuring points than its predecessor. Using the dummy in actual crash tests allows us to collect more detailed data and analyze dummy behavior in order to further advance our pedestrian protection technology.


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