THE 36th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW Honda 2002
  Honda's commitment to environmental concern continues into the 21st century  
ECOLOGY CONSCIOUS TECHNOLOGY LOGO Honda is keenly aware of environmental concerns and employs original ecology conscious technology in all its manufacturing processes from production to disposal, as well as in all other company activities. Honda's serious commitment to the environment will continue with further refinements of its ecology conscious technology products.
Cleaner exhaust gas emissions and further improved fuel economy
Honda's new i-series engines feature smart technologies that improve fuel-efficiency and reduce emissions while delivering power for enjoyable driving. And the Honda IMA System-a hybrid engine system installed in the Honda Insight-achieves the world's best fuel economy at 35 km/l*.
*Volume production gasoline engine car (10-15 mode, 5-speed MT)

Development of alternative energy vehicles
Honda has marketed natural gas vehicles and electric vehicles. Also, in addition to tests of fuel cell-powered vehicles on public roads, Honda has acquired the world's first government certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board), a vital step in the process of bringing fuel cell vehicles to the market. Preparations for their introduction to the Japanese market in 2002 are also well under way.

Fuel cell-powerd vehicle
Raising the Recycling Ratio
RECYCLE ICONHonda implements a thorough policy of recycling that is utilized from the product design stage to manufacturing, and from product use through to disposal. We are also marketing Honda Recycled Parts.
Environmental improvements in Honda factories, too.
GREEN FACTORY ICONIn our quest to realize the "Green Factory", Honda has received ISO14001 certification for its manufacturing plants in Japan and all its major manufacturing facilities overseas.


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