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Challenging for FUN MAX!
Challenging for FUN MAX!
What drives Honda to the challenge of motor sports?
What drives us is the power of dreams. At Honda to challenge dreams and
to realize them through tireless efforts is a source of pride and joy.
This joy is an indescribable feeling of pleasure that we want to share with
people in all types of venues. For Honda, this challenge never ends.
We will continue to spread the excitement and passion of motor sports
to more and more people the world over.
Challenging for FUN MAX!
Enjoy the Top!-The Relentless Will to Win- There is a thrill to motoring that can only be experienced at the world's top-level racing events. That is why Honda participates in F1 and CART racing. Honda also continues to cultivate and nurture young Japanese racing talent.
Enjoy Together!-The Energy and Excitement- The Suzuka Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi host some of the world's major motor racing events. Here, Honda also offers the general public the opportunity to experience the excitement of racing machines first hand.


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