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CIVIC Hybrid CIVIC Hybrid
CIVIC Hybrid CIVIC Hybrid
The world's basic car is now driving the hybrid world
Advanced engineering in the most familiar of Honda cars. Through the years, Honda has invested some of its most sophisticated technologies in the popular Civic. In the 1975 model year, in response to the federal Clean Air Act in the U.S., the Civic series was expanded to include a line of cars with a new CVCC (Compound Vortex-Controlled Combustion) engine. The CVCC-engine cars were the world's first to clear the air pollution regulations at the time with their excellent fuel-efficiency and low emissions. Now Honda has refined the Civic with its original hybrid system, and is proud to introduce the Civic Hybrid prototype. In addition to its lively performance, the Civic Hybrid scores highly for fuel-economy and clean emissions. Again, the average car buyer can reap the benefits of Honda's premier engineering as the Civic Hybrid launches into the new era of the hybrid car.
IMA Package
Lightweight, compact PCU (Power Control Unit) and battery-integrated IPU(Intelligent
Power Unit) are housed behind the rear seats. This assures ample cabin space.
CIVIC Hybrid
Honda IMA system combines a light and compact electric motor with a new 1.3-liter i-DSI* engine employing a valve control assist system cylinder cut-off VTEC system for more efficient regeneration. The IMA system achieves higher efficiency and power along with an ultra-low fuel consumption of over 29 km/l.**
Clears year 2000 exhaust gas emission regulations in Japan by as much as 75%.
Tailor-made seats, wood tone center panel and other key features create a premium feel interior.
Flush grill-less bumper, rear spoiler and other features set a sporty tone for the sleek,aerodynamic exterior.
Pedestrian-protection body with impact-absorbing hood, fenders, bumpers and more.
  *Intelligent Dual & Sequential Ignition
** Calculated by in-house testing
Specifications • Overall length/width/height: 4455mm/1695mm/1430mm • Wheelbase: 2620mm CIVIC Hybrid

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