The 35th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW Honda 2001
Location: Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center)
Public Days: Oct.27 (SaT) - Nov.7 (Wed)
The Power of Dreams

Dreams are what set human beings apart, and in dreams lies tremendous power.
Turning dreams into reality is a never-ending challenge: by realizing our dreams
we bring so much more pleasure to life.
At Honda, the power of dreams is our starting point. Dreams are the motivating force
driving us to create new values beyond the conventional,
allowing us to bring more fun and enjoyment to motoring for everybody.
Greater convenience and maximum driving pleasure.
These are just two of Honda's dreams-dreams we turn into designs, and then into reality.
For us, the hands-on pleasure of making dreams come true is genuinely exciting.
And we continue to dream and innovate, to bring the ultimate in excitement
and pleasure to motorists all over the world.

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[ Information of the 35th Tokyo Motor Show 2001]
Open the door! The Automobiles Bright Future.
Please expect the first Tokyo Motor Show in the 21st century.
The 35th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2001

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