Anytime, Fun !
We thought people might want a commercial vehicle
that can be used for fun on weekends.
The mh is the outcome of Honda's concept of making commercial vehicles as fun as possible. This new breed of vehicle amply fulfills our requirement of offering commercial vehicle functionality during work hours, while also expanding the opportunities for fun. Highly practical, it provides smooth response and a generous loading capacity.At the same time, it combines playful exterior styling with flexible seating arrangements for up to four people, making life more fun, whether driving to the beach or the mountains or just getting out of the city. The mh is truly an embodiment of our "Anytime, Fun!" slogan.
mh is derived from the first letters of the Spanish words maximo and halagar, which together mean maximum fun.
The mh is Honda's proposal for a utility vehicle that is fun to use at work and at leisure. The cargo space provides plenty of room for storing toolboxes and outdoor equipment. The seating can be flexibly arranged to maximize passenger space and fun for four, or to serve various other purposes. Excellent driving performance is delivered by inter-cooler turbocharger. Of course, the mh is also outstanding in terms of safety and environmental friendliness. In short, this fun vehicle is providing a glimpse of what future commercial vehicles should be.
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