HONDA The 34th Tokyo Motor Show
Anytime,with Honda!
Honda commercial vehicles deliver comfort and practicality to anyone, anywhere at anytime.
Honda's involvement in the world of mobility encompasses everything from motorcycles, automobiles and power products to robots and motor sports. While our range of activities is quite diverse, we are driven in all our endeavors by the same dream of contributing to society by enriching people,s lives and bringing them joy. This dream led naturally to our "Anytime, with Honda!" exhibition theme, which reflects our efforts to create products that contribute to pleasure and happiness by offering convenience and comfort to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Concurrently, we are committed to remaining true to our product development concept of "Small is Smart", as well as meeting society's demand for products that are safe and environmentally friendly. We have also divided our "Anytime, with Honda!" theme into two sub themes, reflecting two related perspectives. Under the banner of "Anytime, Smart!," we present the important basic values of commercial vehicles. "Anytime, Fun!" present pleasurable new possibilities for commercial vehicles in the 21st century. Through these two perspectives, we introduce our ideas on how future commercial vehicles should be. How can we make everyday vehicles more comfortable and useful?
You will discover our answer in our "Anytime, with Honda!" exhibitions.
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