Forget practicality. The Fuya-jo focuses on fun. Designed with pleasure in mind,it provides a fascinating outlet for young drivers who know how to enjoy themselves on city streets.

The cabin is extremely tall.
Body styling is super unique and eye catching.

Occupants ride in a semi-standing position, like on a skateboard.
The no-frills interior has a flat floor and high viewpoint and allows walking.

CUT_2 --- CUT_1

The steering wheel looks like a turntable, and the instrument panel looks like a DJ's mixer.
A special skateboard rack is built into the rear hatch.

[ Other Equipment ]
Three large,hinged doors that open wide
Powerful audio system

[ Main Specifications ]
Overall L x W x H: 3,050mm x 1,650mm x 1,995mm

Honda made the Fuya-jo "smart" so you can have "fun".
It's a refreshing departure from convention,
and a joy whether you drive it or just take a look.



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