Be Smart,Have Fun!

The 21st century used to mean the distant future, but now it is about to arrive.
At Honda, we have always believed that "the future is what we build with our hands, based on dreams" Dreams are the blueprints for the future and are treasured at Honda.
When pursuing our dreams, we often make new and exciting scientific discoveries.
These stir our imagination, stimulate new ideas, and create a sense of joy we can share with our colleagues as together we set off on a brand new adventure. This joy of discovery motivates us to keep advancing.
We are also aware, however, of the effects that automobiles have on the environment and society, and are committed to finding smart, flexible solutions without delay in accordance with our basic
"Small is Smart" development concept.

At the same time, we want to share our vision of how fun and wonderful the future will be. "Fun", after all, is a key Honda attribute.
Our desire to deliver all the excitement and joy of driving, while also providing solutions to environmental and safety problems, is expressed in the "Be Smart,Have Fun!" theme of our motor show exhibit.
Honda pledges to keep getting smarter and provide more fun as it transforms the automobile in the coming millenium. In this way, Honda hopes to create a brighter future for both society and the environment.
Together, let's "Be Smart, Have Fun!"

Concept Model FCX
ODYSSEY Prototype
S2000 Hardtop

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