The FCX is the future as it should be. The result of "smart" thinking, this car was conceived through Honda's pursuit of a harmony between cars and the environment. Fun to drive and stylish in design, it is a sedan worthy of emulation in the 21st century.
Solid styling balances gentle curves and masculine lines.
The nose is short for maneuverability, and the large forward-mounted cabin provides luxurious riding comfort.
Long wheelbase for spacious cabin and smooth ride.
Neo-classical interior exudes refinement.
Four large, comfortable seats with armrests on each.
Card ignition key and fingerprint ID system on steering wheel.
Newly developed meters with illuminated digital display.
Large-screen multi-information monitor on center panel.
Rear- and side-views via CCD camera-linked displays.
Airbags in front seatbacks for rear seat passengers.
[ Other Equipment ]
Jukebox-type super CD changer
Multi-channel speaker system
[ Main Specifications ]
Overall L x W x H: 4,525mm x 1,800mm x 1,500mm
Wheelbase: 2,815mm


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