Twin Solid Concept
The FCX was designed based on a Twin Solid concept, whereby the floor and cabin are separate entities with distinct roles. The floor section houses advanced environmental technologies, including
the FC ( fuel cell ) Unit,which is extremely slim and compact. Thanks to this arrangement, the large forward-mounted cabin provides extra space lengthwise and luxurious riding comfort for the people inside. Equally indispensable, these separate sections combine to provide both excellent performance and riding enjoyment.

This innovative Twin Solid concept graphically illustrates the importance of combining "smart" and "fun" characteristics at the highest level.


A new powerplant based on the notion that environment-friendly cars need not be boring.
One automotive solution to pressing environmental needs is
the new FC Unit (FC stands for fuel cell). This next-generation powerplant replaces the gasoline-driven internal combustion engine found in most cars today with a fuel cell that runs on methanol. The FC Unit extracts hydrogen from methanol and combines it with oxygen to create a chemical reaction that generates electricity and thus drives a motor. The principle components, a reformer and fuel cell stack, are being developed exclusively by Honda. Thanks to expertise previously gained from developing the electric EV Plus, Honda was able to make the motor extremely small while also obtaining sufficient power from the FC Unit to make it practical for commercialization. Moreover, the electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen that generates electricity in the FC Unit is extremely environment friendly. With widespread use,the FC Unit would cut CO2 emissions, the alleged cause of the Greenhouse Effect,and reduce society's
dependence on limited petroleum resources. By reducing pollution and fuel consumption,and providing a practical energy alternative, Honda's "smart" FC Unit could solve the major environmental issues that auto manufacturers now face. Clearly, this revolutionary drivetrain is a primary candidate for future automotive use.
The FCX is the future as it should be. The result of "smart" thinking,this car was conceived through Honda's pursuit of a harmony between cars and the environment. Fun to drive and stylish in design, it is a sedan worthy of emulation in the 21st century.
Solid styling balances gentle curves and masculine lines.
The nose is short for maneuverability, and the large forward-mounted cabin
provides luxurious riding comfort.
Long wheelbase for spacious cabin and smooth ride.
Neo-classical interior exudes refinement.
Four large, comfortable seats with armrests on each.
Card ignition key and fingerprint ID system on steering wheel.
Newly developed meters with illuminated digital display.
Large-screen multi-information monitor on center panel.
Rear- and side-views via CCD camera-linked displays.
Airbags in front seatbacks for rear seat passengers.


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