Technology for Ecology
Honda Evolutional
Catalyzing System
Designed to clean up 2-stroke engine exhaust emissions without affecting power output, this new system features a long "heat tube" catalyzer section that greatly reduces emissions of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, as well as the smokey fumes usually associated with 2-strokes.

Technology for Safety
ABS/CBS Brake System
Live Dio-ST
Live - Dio ST

The ABS/CBS brake system is one of Honda's first "safety technologies" for bikes. Its Antilock Brake System (ABS) prevents wheel lock when the brakes are suddenly engaged, and its simplified Combined Brake System (CBS) provides an ideal distribution of braking force to the front and rear wheels for confident control. Honda actively develops such safety technologies and incorporates them into production bikes like the Live Dio ST and the ST1100 Pan-European.

Live Dio Combined Brake System

CBS symbolTo realize more confident and effective braking, this system distributes an appropriate balance of front and rear wheel braking force when only the left (rear wheel) brake lever is used, which begin-ning riders tend to rely on.
break system

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