Because We Love Bikes and People

Naturally, enjoyment and convenience are important when it comes to making the kinds of bikes that people want to ride. But at Honda, we feel that there are other important issues-safety, for example, and environmental preservation-that must also be considered when offering bikes to the world. Challenged by pressing issues like these, Honda takes the lead in finding solutions that help bring Bikes, People, and Planet Earth closer together, for a brighter, better future. By constantly deepening and refining our know-how and technology, we strive to create machines that let people around the world understand and appreciate the special kind of mobility that only bikes can offer.

Honda began as a maker of bikes, and over the years we have enjoyed the support of millions of customers who share our enthusiasm for them. We intend to keep on earning that support by continuing to lead the industry in visualizing "how bikes ought to be," so that anybody with the urge to ride on two wheels can enjoy them to the fullest. When it comes to the combination of liking people and liking bikes, you can count on Honda-now and always.

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