Now more than ever, cars are being thought of in terms of their global impact. Rising temperatures, shrinking resources and various health issues have all become major concerns. As a result, car makers everywhere are approaching car design from a new perspective, and are aiming to make cars that please everyone, instead of just the driver and passengers. As a leading innovator in the automotive industry, Honda believes it is important to communicate its own ideas on how to achieve universal satisfaction in car design. Thus, Honda has chosen 'Happy Together' as its theme for the 1997 Motor Show. Honda's initial concept was to focus on environmental issues while ensuring that motoring remains fun. This approach led to Honda's new Fun Creations and Thoughtful Creations. Fun Creations include the J-('Joined / Joyful') Movers, the second stage in Honda's Creative Movers concept and an excellent example of 'value and mobility' for the 21st century. Honda's Twin Ring Motegi, which opened August 1, is another Fun Creation. It's an exciting 'mobility world' that reflects the passion for motor sports and safety that Honda has demonstrated since its very inception. Thoughtful Creations, on the other hand, were designed with serious consideration toward environmental impact and include various Honda Clean Air Vehicles in the works. What should Honda's goal be for the 21st century? How can we help people feel more secure about cars and fully enjoy their benefits? The answers to these and other questions lie in the pursuit of achieving happiness together.


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