Opening ceremonies for Twin Ring Motegi were held in Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture on July 31, 1997, following completion of the major facilities. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was hosted by Twin Ring Motegi Co. , which performs an important role in the Honda Group, and was attended by many from Honda and elsewhere. The ceremony was followed by numerous events including a demonstration auto race. Twin Ring Motegi officially opened on August 1.
On the verge of the 21st century, society is undergoing some major transformations. These changes are evident in motoring as well. To encourage harmony between nature, society, people and cars, Honda has opened Twin Ring Motegi, a center designed to accelerate the creation of 21st century 'mobile culture.' While conventional motor sports facilities allow visitors to participate as spectators, Honda believes it is time to let visitors take part in the action. Twin Ring Motegi, a huge complex of leisure facilities, is unique in becoming the first place in the world to feature race courses of both American and European design. The American-style course, called Super Speedway, is a 2,400m oval course while the European-style course, which meets standards for hosting International racing events, is 4,800m. Both are built for serious racing. Twin Ring Motegi also offers a unique combination of facilities for fun-filled sports and recreational activities. In just one location, anyone from the novice to the pro can easily gain hands-on experience in motor sports, receive training in driving safety, enjoy amusement facilities, or simply relax in the outdoors. The embodiment of Honda's motoring philosophy, Twin Ring Motegi teaches safety while also helping people maximize their enjoyment of motor sports.

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