At Honda, environmental considerations play an important role in all corporate activities. Honda is presently developing various practical, low-pollution vehicles that reflect its concern for the well-being of people and the earth. A number of alternative energy cars have been developed, including LEVs (Low Emission Vehicles), EVs (Electric Vehicles) and NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) that take advantage of the inherent characteristics of their respective energy sources. These environmentally friendly cars and cleaner emission vehicles are collectively called Honda Clean Air Vehicles, reflecting Honda's commitment to minimizing environmental impact through proprietary low-pollution technology. In the belief that popular cars should be the first to feature LEV technology, Honda created versions of the Civic, Partner, Accord and Torneo in Japan that meet LEV standards. In addition, 1998 Civic and Accord models that conform to California LEV standards have been available in some overseas markets since September 1997 - Honda expects annual sales of these cars to reach 440,000 in the U.S. and 60,000 in Canada. Honda is also planning to launch LEV versions of its main models throughout Europe and Asia in 1998. Honda believes that a practical approach, such as this one, is the only way to ultimately realize cleaner air.

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