Second generation Dual Clutch Transmission

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In 2010, Honda launched a large sports tourer motorcycle, the VFR1200F Dual Clutch Transmission, which came equipped with a Dual Clutch Transmission with automated clutch and shift operation, a world's first for motorcycles. This Dual Clutch Transmission is a lightweight, compact system that can be mounted without requiring major modification to the existing engine layout. It employs electronic control technology to deliver the precise accelerator control required of motorcycles, with a direct feel for naturally smooth starts and gear changes.

Dual Clutch Transmission(First generation)
VFR1200FD (Dual Clutch Transmission) Euroepan model

We hope that as many customers as possible will try out this system and experience the direct ride feel and power of our Dual Clutch Transmission system, and to that end will continue to make it more lightweight, compact and affordable without impairing its performance.

Second-generation Dual Clutch Transmission unit
Cross sectional view of Second-generation Dual Clutch Transmission

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