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Approach to styling design

The styling theme for the SH series strikes a balance between "the functionality of a highly reliable tool" and "a design infused with the latest trends."
This series has been accommodating a wide variety of users' needs by offering a vehicle body with a lean configuration capable of moving around town comfortably with a sense of security, and also by giving it a stylish and elegant design.

Specifically, basic elements include:

  • Large 16-inch aluminum-cast wheels with high running-through performance on rough roads
  • Flat floor with high degree of freedom for feet placement that suits any rider
  • Upright front portion with highly effective wind protection that ensures a natural riding position
  • Seat shape with little height difference and a predominately horizontal rear portion of the body with a stylish built-in taillight

The styling theme is defined as "Functional Beauty = Human-friendly, comfortable form," and aims at a full integration of the meticulously pursued "quality in the details" into an overall form by incorporating the following features grounded in dynamic proportions:

  • Flowing lines and expression resembling a sculpture with smooth yet firm surfaces
  • New simple parts configuration with no excessive decoration
  • Easy-to-spot symbolic lights with a strong presence
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