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WSSItalyOctober 2, 2005
World Supersport Championships 2005
Round 11 IMOLA – Italy

Fabrizio Top Honda Finisher After Bizarre Weekend at Imola

Michel Fabrizio (Team Italia Megabike Honda CBR600RR) battled rain and the combined struggle of a two-part race to record a fourth place finish at his home round. Fully competitive in the opening 13-lap leg, held in largely dry conditions, he slipped down the order in the wet eight-lap restart, as he lost feel for the track's grip.

M.FABRIZIO (Italia Megabike)

M.FABRIZIO (Italia Megabike)

A uniquely unpredictable Imola weekend in the Supersport class thus culminated in an aggregate race, in which neither new World Champion Sebastien Charpentier (Winston Ten Kate Honda CBR600RR) nor his team-mate Katsuaki Fujiwara (Winston Ten Kate Honda CBR600RR), made it to the start line. Charpentier fell in Saturday qualifying, damaging tendons in his left shoulder, while ‘Kats’ did not complete a single lap of qualifying, crashing into the back of an errant backmarker, who moved across Fujiwara’s path unexpectedly.

In deeply murky conditions the overall race win was taken by local Ducati rider Gianluca Nannelli, from Kevin Curtain (Yamaha) and Alessio Corradi (Ducati). Curtain confirmed his second place in the overall championship, with the fight for third still very much alive as the championship enters its final round next week. Any one of three Honda riders will take third.

Fabien Foret (Team Italia Megabike Honda CBR600RR) was leading the first leg until the rains returned with increasing ferocity, and his crash prompted the race to be stopped. The lap count was taken back to 13, allowing him to restart. Hurting an old leg injury in his big highside in the first heat, he finished only 11th in the two-part race.

A strong top ten finish for WSS rookie Tatu Lauslehto (Klaffi Honda CBR600RR) was ruined when he experienced a near crash after a highside in the wet section, and thereafter a misfire hindered his progress - most likely due to water affecting the electronics package.

Fabrizio, on home tarmac, pushed as hard as he dared in the second leg, but could not replicate his form in the first.

F. FORET (Team Megabike)

Ten Kate Honda

“I could control the pace of the leader Parkes in the first leg,” said Fabrizio, “but I could not do anything about the leaders in the second race. I had no feel for the bike, especially for the front. I did not want to crash so I could not go any faster. I finished first Honda, so that is something positive to take from today.”

Charpentier, disappointed with his luck after his dominant championship win, was unhappy to not race at one of his favorite circuits, but determined to return to the fray at his home track of Magny Cours, for the final round. He was particularly displeased to have scored his tenth pole position of the year, and yet not have the chance to capitalize on it with his seventh race win.

“This is a big disappointment for me, because I was looking forward to having the perfect weekend,” said the Frenchman. ”I love Imola – it’s a great circuit and after the time I set in qualifying on pole yesterday (1’52.557) I was very confident for at least another podium finish here. It wasn’t such a big crash, I just ran a little wide at Acque Minerali, and fell off on the grass. The big problem now for me is to be fit for Magny Cours next weekend, which is very important for me.”

Fujiwara was lucky to escape from his crash with just a broken ring finger, a severely bruised lip and a major beating from the Imola tarmac.

“It was a pretty big crash because I was going quite fast and collided with a slower rider, who changed line without warning,” said Fujiwara. “I will rest as much as possible and get checked out at the medical centre in Magny-Cours.”

Foret, who went from potential winner to crash victim of the worsening conditions in half a second, hurt his gearchanging leg in the fall.

“I cannot believe I went from fighting for the lead to 11th,” said Foret. “When I fell I landed on an old leg injury, right on an old piece of plate work from the leg I broke in a previous Supersport season. That made gearchanging very difficult and in those conditions, it slowed me down a lot.”

Lauslehto was particularly disappointed to not have the chance to continue with his first leg combativeness.

“I was happy after the first leg,” said Lauslehto. “I got a good start in the second race, then at the Piratella corner I almost highsided in all the rain. After that I had to keep switching off and on the engine, about six times I think, to keep the electronics working properly. We don’t know why but I guess it was something to do with the jolt through the bike in the near-highside or maybe just all the water that was around.”

World Supersport Championships 2005
Round 11 IMOLA – Italy


1 NANNELLI (Ducati SC Caracchi)
2 CURTAIN (Yamaha Motor Germany)
3 CORRADI (Ducati Selmat)
4 FABRIZIO (Italia Megabike)
5 PARKES (Yamaha Motor Germany)
6 ANTONELLO (Kawasaki Bertocchi)
7 VOS ( Racing Team)
8 STIGEFELT (Stiggy Motorsports)
9 MARIOTTINI (Start Team)
10 LAGRIVE (Moto 1 - Suzuki)
11 FORET (Team Megabike)
12 ENJOLRAS (Tati Team Beaujolais Racing)
13 MIKSOVSKY (Intermoto Czech Republic)
14 PENNA (Ajo Promotion)
15 CANEPA (Lightspeed Kawasaki)

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