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Developing key new technologies to create a mass-produced open car with a taut feeling of oneness.

The High X-Bone Frame makes a new-generation true sports car a reality

To develop a new-generation open-body structure, Honda rejected the parameters of conventional thinking and created new technologies. These technologies have been applied to virtually every detail of the car.
The first step in this direction can be found in the recently introduced "High X-Bone Frame" open-body structure. In this new frame construction, the raised center tunnel features a strong boxed-type structure that connects to the front and rear side members in a single horizontal plane. Furthermore, completely straight front side members are connected to the floor tunnel, sidesills, and floor frame to form a "three-point support structure". Impact load is thus efficiently distributed, resulting in an open body with rigidity and collision safety equal to that of a closed body without the weight penalty inevitable until now. A drive in the S2000 is one of life's great pleasures.

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