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Honda's passionate sporting spirit charts a new path in the evolution of open sports cars.

Honda faced two major challenges in developing the S2000: first, to create an open body that provides the superb performance required of a true open sports car and second, to offer superior environmental friendliness and safety. To meet the first of these challenges, Honda set out to develop a car that offers the ultimate in agility and driver/car unity, as well as outstanding handling and response in city driving and rural touring alike. At the same time, Honda set out to achieve the world's highest standards in environmental friendliness and safety.
In the development of this car, Honda endeavored to meet what until now had been considered impossible technical challenges:
(1) Develop a light open-body structure with the rigidity and passenger-crash-protection qualities of a closed-body structure
(2) Develop an engine with clean exhaust emissions and world-leading power output
(3) Develop a 1,200kg-class body package and chassis to provide both superior safety and comfort and the ultimate in agility together with a taut feeling of oneness
(4) Greatly enhance driving comfort when driving with the top down

Honda called upon extensive technological know-how acquired over years of experience at the highest levels of motor racing, not hesitating to adopt entirely new features for the S2000. The S2000 represents a refusal to compromise on performance and a determination to meet environmental standards. Honda charts a new path in the evolution of open sport cars, redefining driving pleasure with its "New-Generation True Open Sports Car" concept.
Built with conventional methods, most open sports cars sacrifice lightness and driving performance to realize environmental and safety goals. Overcoming these constraints, Honda created totally new technologies to deliver superb driving performance while meeting the evolving needs of society.

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