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A true new-generation open sports car. A new level of automotive excitement.

Honda is proud to introduce the S2000, a true new-generation open sports car that redefines driving pleasure. The S2000 puts the driver in harmony with the car and the surrounding environment to offer a totally new kind of driving experience. Peace of mind is assured by the latest innovations in safety and environmental friendliness that put this car in total harmony with the changing needs of society. To achieve these lofty objectives, Honda has chosen an open sports car design, bringing the driver into closer communication with the world surrounding the car. The main development objectives were to create an open body offering vehicle dynamics equal to, or better than, that of closed body vehicles together with the latest advances in environmental friendliness and safety.
To make this new-generation open sports car accessible to as many people as possible, a 2-liter engine capacity was chosen to strike the best balance between performance, driving ease, and affordability.
The S2000 is a product that fully meets the present and future needs of society while providing the pleasure associated with open-air driving, whether cruising around town or pushing it to the limit on the circuit. The S2000 eloquently expresses Honda's commitment to bringing pure driving pleasure within the reach of as many people as possible through the development of advanced high-performance cars of the highest standard.


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