South America
April-August 2005 (117 days)
22,600 km
Honda XRV750 (Africa Twin)

Starting in Lima, Peru, Toi passed through the Atacama Desert, the world’s largest coastal desert. He proceeded south through the Chilean Patagonia, reaching Punta Arenas, the world’s southernmost port. He then rode north, this time traversing the Argentine Patagonia. After experiencing the grandeur of Iguazu Falls, one of the three largest waterfalls in the world, he passed through Brazil to Belém, a city located on the banks of the Amazon estuary. After riding through French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela—roughly the area where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle set his novel The Lost World—Toi once again turned to the south, passing into the Amazon rainforest. Loading his bike onto a flatboat, he went up the Madeira River, a tributary of the Amazon River. Toi then made his way across the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland, into Bolivia. At last he crossed the Andes, returning again to Lima.
Photo Gallery
Peruvian desert, heading south   An oasis village, Peruvian desert   Nazca Plateau, Peru
The Hand of the Desert, Atacama Desert, Chile   Atacama Desert, Chile, heading south   Patagonia, Argentina
Sunset in Patagonia, Argentina   Heading north in a frozen Patagonia, Argentina   Grazing land in Patagonia, Argentina
Snow and ice in Patagonia, Argentina   Strong wind in Patagonia, Argentina   Inland Brazil, heading north
Emerald mine, Goias, Brazil   From Brazil to French Guiana   Inland French Guiana, heading west
Brazil, an equator monument   Manaus, Brazil   Pantanal wetlands, Brazil
From Brazil to Bolivia   Santa Cruz, Bolivia   Bolivia, on the road to Andes
Andes, heading west   Bajegurande village, Andes   Andes Pass, 4200m above sea level
On the road from Bolivia to Chile        
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