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Dalton Highway, Alaska   Yukon, Canada   The entrance to Arctic, Alaska
Top of the World Highway, Canada   Riding south through Montana, USA   The road to Monument Valley, USA
Quattro Genegas, Mexico   Yutah, USA   Dalton Highway, Alaska
Heading south across the Arctic Tundra, Alaska   Checkpoint, Panama   Nevada, USA
Canadian Rockies, Canada   Daytona beach, Florida, USA   Dalton highway, Alaska
On a ferry across the Yukon, Canada   Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico   Guatemala
Costa Rica        
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NorthAmerica   NorthAmerica    
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North America
May-September 1997 (104 days)
31,430 km
Honda XRV750 (Africa Twin)

Starting at Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean, Toi rode south through Alaska and Canada. After passing through sacred Native American lands in the Western United States, he entered the deserts of Mexico Finding himself in the middle of the rainy season, he continued south through five Central American countries. He proceeded to the southern border of Panama, reaching the Darién Gap, a vast swampy area that separates North and South America. Toi then rode north toward the Gulf of Mexico. On the way, he again experienced the Central American rainforest, this time passing through Belize. After crossing Mexico for the second time, he entered the United States, passing through the American South, including Florida, and making his way along the Eastern Seaboard to New York City.


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North America

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