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Cabo de Roca, Portugal   Portugal, heading south   San Antonio, Spain, bordering Portugal
Harbor in Monaco   Côe d'Azur, France, heading east   Venecia, Italy
Anatolian Plateau, Turkey, heading east   Cappadocia, Turkey   Cappadocia, Turkey, sunset
From Turkey to Iran   Caspian Sea, Northern Iran   Plateau region, inland Iran
From Iran to Turkmenistan   Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan   Mountainous region, Uzbekistan
Mountain pass, Kyrgyzstan, with a nomadic family   Mountainous region, Kyrgyzstan   From Kyrgyzstan to China
Torugaruto Pass, Tianshan Mountains   Torugaruto Pass, Tianshan Mountains   China, refuelling with a kettle
Entrance to the Taklamakan Desert, China   Silk Road, China, heading east   Flaming Mountain, Xinjiang, China
Mongolian Ovoo, landmark for the traveller   Mongolia, the road from China to Ulaanbaatar   Mongolia, on the road from China to Ulaanbaatar
Mongolia, on the roadside with an infant   Mongolia, on the road from Ulaanbaatar to Russia   A city on the Russian border
Following the Trans-Siberian Railway to the east   Following the Trans-Siberian Railway to the east   Snowed under in Siberia
On the road to Vladivostok, the final destination        
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Eurasia   Eurasia    
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July-November 2009 (120 days)
30,000 km
Honda XRV750 (Africa Twin)

Starting at Cabo de Roca in Portugal, Toi passed through Spain, France, Italy, the Balkan Peninsula and Turkey, where Europe becomes Asia. After riding through Iran, he traversed the Central Asian nations of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Tracing the Silk Road trade route, he rode through China, Mongolia and Russia. His final stop was the Honda Headquarters in Aoyama, Tokyo.


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