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Defining the New Mobility: Defining the new mobility. This is how Honda R&D contributes to the next generation.

From its inception, Honda has focused primarily on one task: to bring expression to the excitement and joy of being alive. To offer something of value to the people of the world with their dreams and hopes for the future; to make a precious contribution to the society and world that have fostered human achievement. A contribution that is uniquely Honda.
Honda R&D is a fully integrated unit of Honda Motor Co. and serves as Honda’s primary research and development organization. Based on over half a century of accumulated engineering expertise, we seek to actively lead the way through our technologies and resources to define the mobility of the future.
In the 21st century, a vast range of new challenges await us in a wide variety of fields. For Honda R&D, it is our mandate—and indeed, our honor—to rise to those challenges.

Good people make great engineers (Soichiro HONDA) R&D is Honda's driving force, and groundbreaking innovation is our watchword. In the spirit of founder Soichiro HONDA, we constantly try to appeal to our customers and earn trust from them as a corporate leader in groundbreaking innovation, realizing the Power of Dreams through our individuality, expertise and intensity. President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director Yoshiharu YAMAMOTO

Corporate Objective

As an integral part of Honda Motor Co., we supply product designs created by a unique system highly suited to leading-edge research in a wide range of fields. Toward that end, we encourage everyone at Honda R&D to develop their individual ability to its fullest potential.

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