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Corporate Milestones

1960 July: Honda R&D Co., Ltd. established.
(R&D division separated from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)

1961 Dec.: Moves to current Wako R&D Center.

1963 Oct.: Compact sports car S500 introduced. (1)

1965 Jan.: Portable generator E-300 introduced.

1967 Mar.: FF type mini passenger car N360 introduced.

1969 Aug.: Dream CB750 with 4-cylinder multi engine introduced. (2)

1970 Feb.: 3-wheeled leisure vehicle ATC90 introduced.
  Mar.: Hondamatic, HondaÁs original automatic transmission, introduced.

1972 July: Basic passenger car, the Civic, introduced. (3)
  Dec.: CVCC engine complies with 1975 Clean Air Act. (4)

1973 Jan.: Asaka R&D Center established.

1976 Feb.: Family use motorcycle Road Pal NC50 introduced.
  Mar.: Multipurpose hatchback, the Accord, introduced.
Honda power steering introduced.

1977 Jun.: Epoch-making power engines G150 and G200
  July: TN Acty introduced.

1978 Nov.: Prelude introduced.

1979 Apr.: Tochigi Proving Grounds established.
  May: Asaka Higashi R&D Center established.

1980 Aug.: Ballade introduced.
  Sept.: Innovative new 50cc Tact scooter introduced. (5)

1981 Nov.: City introduced. (6)

1982 Feb.: VF750 series sports car with V-type engine introduced.
  Apr.: Tochigi Labs, Wako R&D Center established.

1983 Jan.: OHV power engines GX110, GX140 introduced.
  Mar.: Lawn tractor HT3810 introduced. (7)

1984 May: Tochigi Center established(renamed from Tochigi Labs).
  Sept.: Honda R&D North America Inc. established.

1985 Jun.: New Accord and Vigor series introduced.
  July: World's first 4-wheel drive ATV, the TRX350 4WD introduced.
  Sept.: Today introduced.
  Nov.: Luxury passenger vehicle Legend introduced.
Tilling tractor Mighty 11 introduced.

1986 Apr.: Tochigi R&D Center established (Renamed from Tochigi Center).
Wako Research Center established.
  Oct.: 4-wheel steering system (4WS) introduced.

1987 Jan.: Air bag system introduced.
  Jun.: GL1500 with new horizontal opposed 6-cylinder engine introduced. (8)
  Sept.: CRX introduced.

1988 Apr.: Asaka Kita R&D Center established.
Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH established.
Concerto, co-developed with ARG, introduced.
  Nov.: Diesel tractor TX18/20 introduced.

1989 Apr.: Integra with world's first variable valve timing and lift control mechanism engine, introduced.
  Sept.: Ascot, Accord Inspire introduced.

1990 Sept.: Mid-ship sports car NSX introduced (9)

1991 Jan.: Wako Basic Technology Research Center established. (Renamed from Wako R&D Center).
  July: V-TEC engine introduced.
  Aug.: Riding simulator for motorcycles introduced.

1992 Apr.: NR750 with oval piston engine introduced.
  July: Honda R&D Taiyo Co., Ltd. established.
  Dec.: Honda R&D Europe (U.K). Ltd. established.

1993 Jun.: Real time 4-wheel drive dual pump system introduced.
  Sept.: Mini Komame F110 introduced.

1994 Feb.: Electric scooter introduced.
  Oct.: Odyssey introduced. (10)
  Dec.: Racoon introduced.

1995 July: 3-stage VTEC engined introduced.
Honda Multimatic introduced.
  Aug.: Honda ASV 1-3 safety vehicles introduced.
Motorcycle front and rear wheel ABC, M.A.-C.
ABS and T.R.C. ABS introduced.
Ultra Low Emission (ULEV) vehicle introduced.

1996 May: StepWGN introduced.
Hokkaido Takasu Proving Center established.
Left/right drive distribution system introduced.
    Motorcycle "tough up tube" motorcycles introduced.
AR combustion engine introduced.
  Dec.: Walking humanoid robot prototype introduced.
New electric automobile Honda EV introduced.

1997 Jan.: CRM250AR with AR combustion engine introduced.
360° tiltable ultra-compact 4-stroke engine introduced. (11)
  Aug.: Honda Navigation System introduced.
  Oct.: ZLEV (zero emission vehicle) iechnology introduced.

1998 Jun.: Natural gas vehicle Civic GX introduced.
Outboard engine comprehensive tests completed in Hosoecho, Shizuoka Prefecture.
  Aug.: New collision safety technology G Control ntroduced.

1999 Jan.: Civic GX wins Engine Environmental Award.
Honda Giorno Clea series introduced.
  Sept.: Hybrid automobile Insight introduced.

2000 Mar.: World's first indoor car-to-car omnidirectional crash test facility completed.
  July: Honda R&D Europe S.r.l.(italia) established.
  Oct.: New-generation DOHC i-VTEC engine announced.
  Nov.: ASIMO robot introduced. (12)

2001 Apr.: 4-wheel driving simulator introduced.
  Jun.: Fit new small car intoroduced.
  Dec.: Civic Hybrid introduced.

2002 Jan.: Honda Motorcycle R&D China Co., Ltd. established.
  Apr.: Next-generation thin-membrane solar cell developed.
  July: New low-price scooter Today introduced.
  Dec.: Fuel cell vehicle FCX delivered in Japan and U.S. on the same day. (13)

2003 Jan.: Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd. established.
Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. established.
Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH established.
  Jun.: Honda R&D India Pvt. Ltd. established.
  Dec.: Flight tests of Honda experimental business jet airplane begin.(14)

2004 Apr.:
Flexible all-wheel drive control system introduced.(15)
Wako Nishi R&D Center established.

2005 Apr.: Air Wave introduced.
The iGX440, a next-generation, general-purpose engine using electronic-control technology introduced.
  Sept.: World's first airbag system for mass-produced motorcycles is developed.
  Nov.: World's first hybrid snowblower with switchable snow-removal mode using electronic controls, The HSM1590 introduced.(16)
  Dec.: Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. established.

2006 Feb.: ZEST introduced.
  Sept.: Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth and Honda develop technology together to manufacture ethanol from cellulose biomass.
Development of new generation diesel engine using newly developed NOx catalyst.

2007 Feb.: Crossroad introduced.
  July: The F530 and The F730, two general-purpose control assemblies with clutches, introduced.
  Oct.: The HFT, an automatic transmission for motorcycles,developed.(17)

2008 Feb.: DN-01 large sports cruiser motorcycle introduced.
FR316/ FR716 single-wheel tiller for professional farmers introduced.
  May: FREED introduced.
  Jun.: Development of electronically-controlled Combined
ABS a new brake system for the super sports model.
  Nov.: Domestic sales begin for new fuel cell vehicle FCX Clarity.
  Dec.: FCX Clarity wins prize at Auto Color Awards,
2009 Grand Prix.(18)

2009 Feb.: Pianta FV200 introduced.
(Gas-Powered Mini-Tiller Designed to Run on Home-use Butane Gas Canisters) (19)
  Sept.: World’s first Motorcycle Dual Clutch Transmission introduced.(For Use in Large-displacement Sport Bikes) (20)
    CV-Matic introduced. (New Automatic Transmission for Cub-style Scooters)

2010 Feb.: CB1100 with authentic style pursuing the real beauty of modeling introduced. (21)
CR-Z Hybrid Vehicle Introduced. Mar.: ENEPO EU9iGB Generator introduced.
  Mar.: ENEPO EU9iGB Generator introduced.
(Powerd by Home-use Butane Gas Canisters)
  July.: VFR1200F equipped with Honda Dual Clutch Transmission introduced.
  Oct.: Kicked off test marketing of electric scooter

2011 Jun.: Fit Shuttle Hybrid Vehicle introduced.
  Sept.: 700cc Engine developed for Midsize Motorcycles.
125cc Engine with Enhanced Durability and Quietness developed for Scooters.
  Oct.: New Outboard Motor Model BF250 won the IBEX2011 Innovation Award.
  Nov.: Revolutionary Next-generation "Earth Dreams Technology" introduced.
"N BOX" First Model of New Mini-vehicle N Series introduced.
Household-purpose Small Cogeneration System Eco Power 1.0 won Germany's Sustainability Award 2011

2012 Feb.: Launch of the Graspa electric lawn mower for home use.
  Apr.: Announcement of the development of an innovative new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for Mid-Size Vehicles.
  Apr.: Launch of the NC700X, NC700S and Integra motorcycles: Combining riding fun with superior fuel efficiency.
  Apr.: Announcement of the development of a propane-gas-powered portable generator.
  Jun.: Launch of the PCX 150 scooter.
  Sept.: Announcement of the development of an innovative steel/aluminum welding technology and its world-first adoption in the mass-production of structural body elements.
  Nov.: Launch of the new “N-ONE” mini-vehicle. (22)

2013 Feb.: PT Honda R&D Indonesia established.
  Feb.: CTX700N and CTX700, the first models of the CTX series bringing customers the comfort technology experience.
  Feb.: New technology to join steel and aluminum with world's first application to the door panel of mass production vehicles developed
  Sept.: Honda releases the world's first compact rotary snow thrower with Cross-Auger, a coaxial and simultaneous counter rotational snow removal mechanism.
  Dec.: VEZEL Introduced.
  Dec.: GE Honda Aero Engine's HF120 Turbofan Engine
Receives FAA Certification. (23)


Dream CB750


CVCC engine










Honda experimental business jet airplane

Flexible all-wheel drive control system








HF120 Turbofan Engine

Asaka R&D Center=current Motorcycle R&D Center / Wako R&D Center=current Automobile R&D Center(Wako) / Asaka Higashi R&D Center=current Power Products R&D Center / Wako Nishi R&D Center=current AirCraft Engine R&D Center / Wako Fundamental Technology Research Center=current Fundamental Technology Research Center

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