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Oversea development: Taking a global approach to research and development, the Honda philosophy focuses on satisfying the individual needs of its customers.

A research and development system rooted in the regions where we do business.
Infusing vision and principle into every technology we create.

People in different regions have distinct and uniquely valuable ways of viewing the world. Honda R&D believes that recognizing and understanding cultural and geographical diversity is the key to developing a common vision for our company as a corporate world citizen. Our experience teaches us that global business begins with active participation at the local level. By establishing R&D facilities in five key regions outside of Japan (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and China), Honda R&D develops technologies and products that reflect the needs of people in individual regions, who are bound together by common values including environmental preservation and regional economic development.


1. Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
2. Honda Research Institute Japan Co.,Ltd.
3. Honda R&D Sun Co., Ltd.


1. Honda Motorcycle R&D China Co., Ltd. (HRCh)
2. Jialing-Honda Motors Co., Ltd. R&D Center (JLH R&D)
3. Honda Motor China Technology Co.,Ltd. R&D Center (HMCT R&D)


1. Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. Thailand Head Office (HRS-T)
2. Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. Indonesia Representative Office (HRS-IN)
3. Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. Vietnam Representative Office (HRS-V)
4 Honda R&D (India) Pvt. Ltd. (HRID)
5. Honda R&D India Pvt. Ltd. (HRID-GN)
6. Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (HRAP)
7. Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. R&D Center (HRAP-M)
8. PT Honda R&D Indonesia(HRIN)
9. Honda R&D India(HGID)


1. Honda R&D Europe(U.K.)Ltd. (HRE-UK)
2. Honda R&D Europe(U.K.)Ltd. Moscow Office (HRE-M)
3. Honda R&D Europe (U. K. ) Ltd. Turkey Office (HRE-TR)
4. Honda R&D Europe(Deutschland)GmbH (HRE-G)
5. Honda R&D Europe(Italia) srl (HRE-I)
6. Honda R&D Middle East (HRME)
7. Honda R&D Africa (HGAF)
8. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH(HRI-EU)


1. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. (HRA-LA)
2. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Denver Office (HRA-Den)
3. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Detroit Office (HRA-DT)
4. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Florida Office (HRA-FL)
5. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. North Carolina Office (HRA-N)
6. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Ohio Center (HRA-O)
7. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. South Carolina Office (HRA-S)
8. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Canada Branch Toronto Office (HRA-C)
9. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Halifax Office (HRA-C-Halifax)
10. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Cincinnati Office (HRA-CIN)
11. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Burlington Office (HRA-BUR)
12. Honda R&D Mexico (HRM)
13. Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. (HRI-US-SV)
14. Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. (HRI-US-OH)


1. Honda R&D Brazil (HRB-SP2, SP4,SPP)
2. Honda R&D Brazil (HRB-M)
3. Honda R&D Brazil (HRB-S)

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