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Organizational functions: Project- and product-centered management, making a reality of every bright idea.

The only thing that doesn’t change at Honda R&D is our commitment
to bringing the Honda magic to ever greater numbers of satisfied customers.

For our engineers at Honda R&D, passion for their work is a way of life. It is through enthusiasm and quiet intensity that we transform creativity and vision into the technologies that inspire and excite our customers. This is the heart of the bold spirit of inquiry that we call the "spirit of challenge". Our willingness to consistently tackle new challenges is the driving force behind every project we undertake, whether in core areas such as motorcycles, automobiles and power products, or in innovative new research on robots and jet engines.

Throughout, our efforts begin and end with the joy of discovery, and through a dedicated project- and product-centered management system, our focus is on providing the world with products that will continue to bring that joy to life.


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