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Part names

Basic specifications
FV200 Pianta
FV200 Pianta
FG201 Puchina
FG201 Puchina
Dimensions (mm) L ×W ×H 1055 × 485 × 990 1050 × 485 × 995
Dry Weight (Outfitted weight) (kg) 20 (23) 17 (18)
Engine Model GXV50
Type Air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder OHV
Displacement (cm3) 49.4
Starter Type Manual recoil
Clutch (throttle interlock) type Centrifugal clutch
Clutch (throttle interlock) operation Lever
Transmission speeds One forward speed
Tilling width (mm) 200/350 250/450
Tine diameter (mm) 250 260
Rotating speed (rpm) 135(@engine speed of 4600 rpm)
Wheels Standard Option

When using Honda gas-powered products
  • Please use a fuel canister specified by Honda.
    Please use fuel canisters manufactured by Toho Metal Industries for use in gas cooking stoves.
  • Please only use at atmospheric temperatures of 5 to 40 degrees Celsius .
    Due to the fuel’s properties, at times the engine may not start when atmospheric temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Please only use outdoors with good ventilation.
    Do not use indoors under any circumstances. There is danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Please remove the fuel canister from the tiller when not in use.
    Be sure to thoroughly read the instruction manual before operating.
  • Please be sure all fuel has been used up before disposing of the canister.
    The specification of this tiller is for Japan, and the handling methods of the fuel canister and the tiller itself are in compliance with Japanese regulations. There are cases where the regulations of certain countries are not met.


Easy Fueling Easy Transport & Storage Easy Operation Product Information
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