Gas Power Tiller FV200 Pianta
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Easy Fueling Easy Transport & Storage Easy Operation Product Information

Easy storage and handling of fuel

Easy-to-use canister dispensers
  • No staining your person or the surrounding area with fuel.
  • No smell during fuel storage.
  • No carburetor to maintain.
  • No need for a separate canister to carry and store gas in.
  • Convenient size for transport or storage.

Major reduction in maintenance
  No problems due to fuel degradation
  Using butane gas instead of gasoline eliminates worries about clogged fuel lines.
  Filtering out impurities
  Maintenance-free fuel system thanks to the labyrinth construction of the regulator and a specially designed trap, which prevent impurities trapped in the gas canister during filling from reaching the engine.  
The specially designed trap is large enough to hold as many impurities as can be expected to accumulate in roughly 300 hours of ordinary operation, for virtually maintenance-free operation.

  Over-sized air cleaner

Made of a special filtration material that traps even the finest particles of dust, this over-sized air filter is more durable and has a longer maintenance interval.

Low emissions, high fuel usage, and improved cold start performance
  Lowest emissions possible
  The use of butane fuel has resulted in a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions per unit time of operation.
Butane gas is an eco-friendly fuel that can be dispensed from canisters.
  Low waste, high fuel-usage
  Orienting the canister at a 40° angle helps reduce the volume of unused gas that remains in the can.
  Excellent cold start performance
  Improved vaporization of liquefied butane fuel enhances combustion and cold start performance in temperatures as low as 5°C.
  The vaporizer is a device used to convert the liquid butane contained in the canister into a combustible fuel.


Easy Fueling Easy Transport & Storage Easy Operation Product Information
Technology Review
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