Gas Power Tiller FV200 Pianta
The Pianta mini-tiller is available only in Japan and operates on liquefied butane fuel available in refill canisters for portable gas stoves.

Suitable even for inexperienced gardeners, the Pianta was developed by Honda in accordance with the Three-Easies concept to make yard work and gardening more enjoyable than ever.

Pianta technology and the Three-Easies concept
Easy Fuel Handing
  • easy to carry and to store
  • much easier to maintain
  • reduce impurities from the canister gas
Easy transport and storage
  • foldable handle saves storage space
  • A carrying stand with built-in wheels
  • carrying box to help keep the storage area clean
Easy Operation
  • chokeless engine design
  • easy operation by attaching the special canister case containing a butane canister
  • easy operation by throttle lever
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