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Rider's space

The PCX provides a rider's space that is neat and compact yet inviting and comfortable. The panels are soft, leather-like and pleasant to the touch, while the seamless, chiseled seat holds the rider gently in place. The floor is designed to give the rider maximum freedom to position his or her feet.

A unified body color surrounds the rider for a light and sporty feel.

The chrome plating of the handlebars and the lustrous finish of the meter panel help create a feeling of luxury expected of a pricier scooter.

At the center of the easy-to-read meters is the speedometer, featuring numbers with a 3D appearance. To the right is the fuel gauge and an LCD that provides odometer and trip information, and to the left is the idle stop indicator*. This layout provides further refinement to the rider's experience.

In the suspension, the elegant wheels and exclusively designed front fork and brake calipers present a steady and stable appearance. The mirrors and many other parts are also exclusively designed, adding further touches to the PCX's new and unique styling.

The idle stop function is unavailable or optional on the PCX in certain countries.
Exterior styling
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