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The three key words of the PCX design concept—luxurious, outstanding and stable —reflect the new value it offers the global market. And the compact PCX is ideal for navigating traffic in cities around the world.

Exterior styling

The silhouette of the PCX is something completely new in motorcycle design. The comfortable sitting position and large tires form a stable platform for riding enjoyment. The gently curving character lines of the body connect the front and rear of the scooter without interrupting the highlights, giving the PCX a unified appearance. Although compact, the PCX is liberated and relaxed in form.

The aerodynamic front mask, relaxed rider space and large, easy-to-grip passenger grab rail are among the many elements that provide easygoing comfort. The deeply curved and chiseled body reflects light with rich gradations, giving the PCX a look of quality and refinement that is well above its price class.

Featuring a body-mounted windscreen previously available only on high-end scooters over 250 cc, the front of the PCX flows directly into the character lines to create a slender waist. Thanks to this design feature, the upper portion of the PCX has a light and nimble look appropriate for a 125cc scooter while the lower portion has a stable, low-center-of-gravity appearance.

Comprising dual headlights, position lights and turn signals, the front combination light not only provides exceptional illumination but gives the PCX a stylish face as well, adding to its presence.

The slim and sporty rear of the body further emphasizes the nimble riding that the PCX offers. With its large grab rail and clear cover tail combination lamp, it flows perfectly into the PCX's dramatic curves, adding further to the model's refined and unified styling.

Exterior styling
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