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125cc liquid-cooled engine

For fun, nimble riding in an urban environment, the engine of the PCX offers extra power at low- to mid-range speeds, with more torque at lower rpms than previous scooters. This 125cc engine with built-in liquid cooling system is newly developed for reduced weight, size, noise and vibration and enhanced acceleration, fuel economy and environmental performance.

Lightweight and compact

In most scooters, the engine is connected directly to the rear suspension and moves up and down in unison with the rear wheel. As a result, the space required for the radiator and coolant piping of a liquid-cooled engine negatively impacts luggage space. In the built-in liquid cooling system of the PCX engine, however, the radiator is integrated with the right side of the engine case, while a fan inside the case effectively cools the engine.

Thanks to this integrated design, the engine of the PCX, including its cooling system, is approximately 13 percent lighter than previous liquid-cooled engines and about the same size as an air-cooled engine. In addition, the engine offers approximately 13 percent more output than previous air-cooled engines. The thermostat of the cooling system is integrated with the plastic housing of the cooling system and located at the radiator pump inlet, further contributing to engine compactness. The thermostat regulates the flow of liquid to the radiator after it has cooled the engine, resulting in reduced temperature fluctuations and enhanced warm-up performance.

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