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Front section (front face and upper cowl)

The front view is sharp and intrepid, comprising an exquisite combination of textured black resin exterior, a futuristic and distinctive V-shaped multi-reflector headlight, a floating combination meter with aluminium stay and a compact windscreen that gives ample protection. The overall effect is a sharp, powerful front face befitting Honda's new-generation Crossover model.

The aluminium meter stay also provides a function to adjust windscreen height for an optimal windbreak effect—a specification that makes for comfortable riding during touring, for example.

The chin spoiler beneath the headlight adds individuality to the front section and also performs a highly efficient air management function at high speeds.

Front section

(The photo shows the prototype)

Rear section (taillight)

The raised-up body and sharp-edged, daringly short cut-off tail design expresses the nimble and sporty nature of the bike.

The shape of the rear cowl shape and rear tire clearance combine to create a rear view that has an individualistic floating quality that further emphasizes Honda's nimble Crossover Concept Design.

The floating taillight section adds to the bike's characteristically distinctive look.

Rear section

(The photo shows the prototype)

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