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Styling Design: Crossover Concept

Without adhering to prevailing ideas and categories, the NC700X pursues the essence of riding and cutting-edge design, broadening rider and passenger satisfaction by evolving new possibilities for creating new value and finding new ways to meet the fundamental needs of customers ("anytime, anywhere, easy, fun, and safe").

This new design fits the lifestyle of riders brimming with intellectual curiosity who want to seek out and experience an as yet unknown joy. Honda took this into account when evolving the NC700X development concept and decided on the following design keywords: "Smart" "Tough" and "Body."

All-round style
  • Powerful, refined design full of energy and perfect for both urban and extra-urban riding
  • Sporty, raised-up main body with a black textured coating to express toughness
  • Dynamically flowing lines from front to rear to spur anticipation of a fun ride
Daily performance
  • Easily maneuverable body size, even in urban environments
  • Saddle shape that provides great hold to prevent rider fatigue and an extremely user-friendly pillion
Multi-purpose riding
  • Upright position delivers on-road comfort and mobility in urban areas
  • Windscreen with strong windbreak performance that allows users to maintain a natural riding form from city streets to the highway

By focusing on the above, Honda was able to come up with a design that fused proportions of a hitherto unknown beauty with an everyday practicality and ease of use.

This Crossover Concept Design is one direction Honda has gone in to meet the challenge of creating a new market in response to customer needs that are becoming increasingly diverse.

In its full-fledged pursuit of ease of manoeuvring to allow riders a full range of use with peace of mind on narrow roads or when parking, Honda arrived at a riding position and body size that enables riders to briskly get about town.

This machine is for people who are seeking to expand possibilities in their hobby and leisure activities, to broaden their horizons through physical action and experience. The design of the NS700X imparts a sophisticated, urbane style to the power to stir up a spirit of adventure.

With this machine, Honda set itself the target of designing a motorcycle that can play a proactive role in every life scene imaginable. It has as its starting point Honda's desire to broaden the enjoyment factor for its riders.

NC700X styling design sketch

NC700X styling design sketch
NC700X styling design sketch
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