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Styling design

The NC700S is a naked model, but to emphasize its individuality, the machine has the dynamic proportions of sports gear. Its design gives a glimpse of the next generation of naked models, with clean lines and smooth surfaces from shelter to rear. The monocoque-styled shelter gives form to the nimbleness that sports gear both embodies and enables.

Progressive design features permeate the machine down to its smallest detail: the functional beauty of its engine is supported by a powerful frame; the tail cowl has been cut short to bring the mass forward; outside the main colour area there is texture to emphasize newness and an exquisite contrast with parts in the coloured-resin area; its headlamp and meters are both simple and unique.

Although the bike is intended to be practical and easy to use about town, this is not obvious from its slim and sporty exterior design: each condensed section of the bike is simple and compact; its low centre of gravity makes it feel easy to handle; inside the shelter is a large-capacity, easy-to-use utility space; it has a riding position that offers a high degree of freedom; its seat height is 790mm.

NC700S styling design sketch

NC700S styling design sketch
NC700S styling design sketch
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