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To allow users to experience, whether riding around town, on the highway or down winding country roads, the invigorating feeling of cutting through the air that only a motorcycle can provide the design takes full advantage of the slim and compact 2-cylinder engine to minimize the projected frontal area but still provide a comfortable riding space and a riding position with a high degree of freedom. The end result is a bike that is very adaptable and user-friendly.

The seat is designed to allow enjoyment of all sorts of situations, from touring to FUN riding as well as tandem riding. There is little height difference between the saddle and the pillion and ample room for two people. The seat splits in two (front and back) and the installed damper enables smoother opening and closing, making refueling and storage easy.

Standard equipment includes separate left and right rear grips, which are easy to grab a hold of to give the passenger a sense of secure comfort.

Furthermore, the aluminium rear step is retractable and easy to use. It is designed to flow from the line of the frame cover.



(The photo shows the prototype)


(The photo shows the prototype)

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