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Styling Design

The styling design of the INTEGRA, a fusion of the mobility of a motorcycle and the comfort of a scooter, is an expression of the Honda originality that is so appreciated around the world. It gives the machine an identity Honda customers everywhere will instantly recognize as belonging to a Honda new concept model.

Users were envisioned as being in their 30s, active, young at heart and seeking a status value that was not going to be achieved with a conventional bike. To deliver a "Scooting Motorcycle" that would fit this target user's lifestyle, Honda focused on the three keyword combinations below to achieve an iconic styling backed by a functional beauty that would be universally admired.

Energetic - Elegance: A dual-natured exterior design, on the one hand energetic and dynamic, on the other elegant
  • A compact, throbbing body infused with harmonious details
  • Fresh proportions that give rise to anticipation of a fun ride and a group of parts such as the frame cover that is reminiscent of fun models
Clean and Comfortable: Functional parts designed for cleanliness and comfort
  • A comfortable, large windscreen
  • A cleverly designed engine cover to protect riders' feet from the heat escaping the engine
  • Functional parts designed with passenger comfort in mind, such as the pillion step and rear grips
Man - Machine Interface: Functionally superlative design that enables instant perception and intuitive operation
  • Meter design and layout for rider to easily check information without significant line-of-sight alteration when riding
  • Easy-operation ergonomic switches on the handlebars

As a result of the above, the final design brims with originality, delivers excellent air management performance and, thanks to the bike's riding position with its high degree of freedom, also combines a comfortable ride with excellent maneuverability.

INTEGRA styling design sketch

INTEGRA styling design sketch
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