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Riding Position - NC700S

For the riding position, the development team gave consideration from a global point of view to customer body shapes and sizes, and incorporated a high degree of freedom into the design to allow as many people as possible to enjoy riding in their own natural position.

When setting the riding position, the team took into consideration where and how motorcycles are used in different countries, from congested city streets to extra-urban highways and winding country roads, and placed emphasis on ease of handling to deliver a comfortable ride whatever the situation.

Optimization of the seat's firmness and shape makes for reassuringly easy ground reach. Its shape is functional and incorporates a number of specialized designs to allow unhindered movement for both rider and passenger and make even long rides comfortable and fatigue-free.

NC700S Riding Position

The body size of the basic, naked-model NC700S, along with its seat height of 790mm, is designed to make it an uncomplicated, comfortable ride for commuting to work or school in urban environments. The shape of its seat makes it easy for the rider to extend their legs and ensures excellent ground reach. Moreover, compared with conventional mid-class naked models, the handlebar position provides more room around the knees and arms for greater rider freedom.

The step is also set 15mm lower than that of the CBF600F, giving rise to more foot room and greater freedom in riding-position.

Riding Position - INTEGRA, NC700X

To make it more user-friendly as a commuter, the INTEGRA has a floor-type step.

For ground reach, the seat height has been set at 790mm for Europe (770mm for Japan/South Korea). In keeping with the seating position, the handlebar has been set at an ergonomically undemanding 21º inward angle and 20º downward angle, which is ideal for relaxed riding.

The riding position on the NC700X is designed to allow a higher eye point, with a seat height of 830mm and a step height of 340mm to give the rider a good ground-covering feel (Transalp: step height: 345mm, seat height: 830mm).

With the handlebar positioned to allow the rider to stand, the riding position offers a high degree of freedom reminiscent of Honda's crossover bikes.

INTEGRA Riding Position
NC700X Riding Position
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