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When we introduced the NSX in 1990, we set out to establish a new concept in sports car value. Within the broader sports car category that included everything from small- to large-displacement vehicles, we offered such choices as a middle-weight, 3-liter normally-aspirated engine, and an all-aluminum body construction. We also offered a commitment toward exhaust emission levels that responded strongly to environmental concerns. These advances all originated in our unchanging desire to create a new, distinctive set of values in high performance driving.

And now the NSX has entered a new phase of evolution. Its aerodynamically advanced styling and wider tires propel it to new heights of speed and driving pleasure. This new step forward has been extremely invigorating for us on the NSX development team. Ten years after the introduction of the original NSX-R, we found ourselves filled with eagerness to develop a new "Type-R" version of the NSX. It was the type of excitement one feels when setting out to be the first to climb an unexplored mountain peak.

The Type R's role is to deliver the ultimate in speed and driving pleasure in a road car to driving enthusiasts on all types of racing circuits. Our objective in developing the new Type R was to apply new aerodynamic technologies to achieve a level of stability and control beyond current levels, thus achieving versatile, deeply satisfying handling and driving pleasure at all speeds. We spent many hours and much energy to arrive at the purest, most balanced definition of a sports car, to the point where evei?n the slightest change in spoiler angle, stabilizer bar diameter, or suspension bushing rigidity would distance the car from what a "true Type R" is all about.

The result is a sports car that brings driver and machine closer together than ever before, establishing a bond of communication that inspires the driver with absolute confidence in the vehicle's reactions, opening the door to a world of breathtaking high-speed performance. It is my sincere wish that you will be able to enjoy the full depth and breadth of the NSX-R's performance in its environment of choicežthe racing circuit.

Shigeru Uehara Shigeru Uehara, Executive Chief Engineer, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Joined Honda R&D Co., Ltd in 1971. Specializes in vehicle stability and handling performance. In 1985, appointed LPL (Large Project Leader) for the mid-ship research project. In 1990, appointed LPL for the NSX development project. Other contributions to Honda’s sports car development include leading the development team for the S2000.
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