The New Standard Commuter (NSC110)

About the NSC110

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By creating products and technologies aimed at making customers' lives more convenient and fun, and by continually providing environmentally friendly products at an affordable price, Honda hopes to share and expand its joy with its customers, and ensure joy for the next generation.

Honda has been pushing ahead with product development based on these fundamental concepts.

Honda offers more and more customers around the world products that bring the appeal sought by the user to a still higher level by evolving towards "more comfortable" and "more convenient"—the basic features demanded for commuters.

The hardware selected to make this happen was orthodox yet refined, aimed at achieving performance higher than ever.

A reliable air-cooled 110cc engine offering high durability and performance stands at the top of its class in both quietness and fuel efficiency.

This is the true creation of a family commuter sprung from the concept of allowing more and more people to freely enjoy motorcycles in their daily lives.

This model will be sold as a global model in a wide range of countries.

New Standard Commuter (NSC110)

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