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Round 8Marvelous Marc Managed the race once again

Sachsenring has been a Grand Prix of contrasts for the Repsol Honda Team. A fantastic win for Marquez in a race that Pedrosa missed due to his big crash on Saturday. Marc faced the race knowing he was one of the favorites and he took his second victory of the season. As he did in Austin he managed the pressure perfectly, but is this win even more meaningful than the previous one?

For sure it has been an “up and down” weekend! Unfortunately many riders crashed and both Dani and Jorge were injured. First of all, I hope they both will recover soon! Marc did a perfect job in all sessions and in the race, where for the first time in MotoGP he won showing his ability to manage the gap to his rivals leading the race, as a very experienced rider.

Marc took the lead of the race on lap six and maintained the concentration until the end. Did you feel on Saturday that Sachsenring would be his race considering he won there the previous three years?

As I said, he did a great job together with his team in every single session. In FP4 he was out since the beginning with used tyres, he kept the same set of tyres for the whole session and still managed to do his best lap time at the end. This showed he had the pace to win the race, but on Sunday he was able to confirm it managing the pressure and this is great!

Marc has regained the lead of the Championship. Could you even imagine such a great performance in the middle of his first season?

We knew he was a fast rider since the very first test, but we didn’t expect him to be so constant. It is impressive, not only for a rookie, to be able to finish always on the podium except in Mugello, when he crashed at the end of the race from second place.

Dani had a big crash on Saturday morning and suffered a small fracture on his left collar bone. But he was declared unfit for the race because he felt dizzy. Can you explain the moment when he discovered he had to accept to miss the race?

Early Sunday morning Dani went to the Medical Centre to do the test to clear him to race. At that time he felt quite good and the Doctors agreed to let him start the warm up. After that, when he was in the Clinica Mobile for the painkiller treatment, he started to feel dizzy and his blood pressure went down again, as it happened on Saturday after the crash. Then the Doctors decided that he was unfit for the race, not for his small collarbone fracture, but for his general body condition. Dani would have liked to have had a test later in the morning, to see if he felt better and race, but Doctors told him that anyway, due to the general condition since the day before, they would not allow him to start the race. He was disappointed, but there was nothing else he could do but accept the Doctors’ decision.

What is Dani’s condition right now? Will he be in Laguna Seca?

Today (Monday morning after race) Dani is feeling better. He had a good sleep and no more dizzy spells. At the moment the plan is to go to Laguna on Wednesday and I believe he will do it!

Laguna Seca will be another challenging weekend for the team this week. What are your expectations for this race?

It is very difficult to predict Laguna! We will have to see how Dani feels with his left collarbone fracture, and hopefully this won’t be a big issue, even if the circuit has many left corners and this won’t help. For Marc, he has never been to Laguna on a motorcycle so we will seeā€¦ in Austin he picked up the circuit very quickly, I can imagine it will not take him too long here either!

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