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Lightweight and Compact Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)

The Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) controls the power of the IMA system. The IPU contains the energy storage module (battery), Power Control Unit (PCU), motor Electric Control Unit (ECU), and a compact cooling system. The IPU is located beneath the rear cargo area for minimal impact on interior space. The nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery system consists of seven modules that serve power to the electric motor as it assists the engine. It also stores the electricity when the motor generates electricity during regenerative braking. The seven-module battery system is comprised of 84 individual "D-sized" 1.2volt cells for a total battery system output of 100.8volts and a capacity of 5.75 ampere-hours.

Powertrain image
Powertrain image
Powertrain image
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