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insight For the generation to come
Striving to develop increasingly people-oriented, society-friendly vehicles, Honda has long emphasized not only the intrinsic pleasure of driving, but also environment-friendliness and safety performance. To produce environment-friendly vehicles, Honda has always played a leading role in developing technologies for cleaner exhaust emissions. This time, Honda has focused on another major environmental issue: reducing CO2 emissions through reduced fuel consumption. Our objective was to achieve In addition to calling upon an extensive array of existing technologies and methods, new technologies have been developed to achieve fuel consumption at the unheard-of level of 35km/liter (5-speed manual transmission model.). Cleaner exhaust emissions and superior recyclability make the insight the most environment-friendly vehicle in the world today. We are seeking the standardized development of this vehicle in Japan, the U.S. and Europe so we can offer it around the world and achieve environment-friendliness on a global scale. Suggesting to societies and people around the world what cars for the 21st century could be, the insight opens a new age in driving pleasure.


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